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Author of Law of Attraction, and truth through Bible and science. Yellowbird is uncaged

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Author, cowgirl, humorist, seeker of the truth. An American original. Yellowbird was born with fearlessness, courage, tenacity, and an unbelievable gift to write. An old soul inspired through the divine, she shares truths both innately and intuitively known, and also those secret truths that are long overdue to be uncovered. Her research has led her to uncover some of the most life changing knowledge on the planet. Take the wild ride with this New Thought Patriot! She isn't afraid to debunk and reveal what has tried to be kept hidden from you for so long. It's time to live your life awake. It's time to live woke.

-Hang on!


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Do you know what the opposite of "LIVE" is? It's "LIVE" spelled backwards, E-V-I-L. Don't live your life in reverse. If you want to live woke, join me on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to my newsletter. Join my journey to shine light on the world through knowledge!